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Relay Points !

What is a relay point

Our goal is to create a community that allows you to refill your water bottle during the day with the same quality water you are used to.

We have started at Farm ( Mont Saint Jean, Globe and Fort Jaco ) , come and taste your next pure water.

Why become a relay point ?

Consumers who need to refill their water bottles during the day will find your business on our app = Generate in-store traffic.

You become a member of the community by giving them the possibility to refill their gourd for free, which gives you visibility and a unique service in Belgium.

We offer you a rental subscription of 29 € / month.
( 3 months notice only )

The sale of our My Water bottles to your customers. (24,99 € TAX incl)

We offer you 30 € credit for each customer who wants to take a subscription of our system for home or office.

Avenue Louise 65/11,
1050 Brussels, Belgium.

0474 23 23 23

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