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The 100% free installation of MyWater includes :

1° A full explanation of the combination of technologies used to create
pure, low-mineralized water to your taste.
The system is open in front of you, and the purified and rejected water paths are explained in detail.

2° We measure the conductivity levels of your tap water, enabling us to anticipate the frequency with which we need to change your filters.

3° Free supply and installation of your brushed stainless steel tap:

  • If you decide to stop using MyWater or move, the tap will be offered to you (value = €150)
  • This can be reused by you or your landlord to accommodate any filtration system, as the connection is universal, which means free added value for you or your landlord.
  • Our teams are specialized in drilling (12 mm) in all types of materials, from wood to stainless steel and the hardest granite.
  • Are you hesitating ? Here some of our installations videos.

Trust the water you drink, trust our machines, trust our service, and above all trust the community...

This trust in nature, in people and in technology is something we want to nurture every day, because we're convinced that it's the key to change and to living better together!

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