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Low mineralization is better !

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MY Water is able to remove from water all the impurities and pollutants that are most harmful to health while keeping the essential minerals.

"Osmosis is a natural phenomenon in which a solution poor in mineral salts passes through a semi-permeable membrane to dilute another that has a higher salt concentration"

By applying the opposite pressure, this process is reversed and we obtain the REVERSE OSMOSIS: in fact, by pushing a solution with a high concentration of mineral salts against a special membrane, we obtain PURIFIED WATER. In fact, the membrane, due to its structure and properties, almost completely retains dissolved salts, heavy metals, polluting elements, bacteria and viruses, while still allowing the water to pass through in all its natural purity.

The REVERSE OSMOSIS is therefore the safest and most widespread water purification system in the world; the advantages, besides the basic reliability of the process, are represented by the simplicity of assembly, the very low operating cost and the total absence of chemical products.

MY Water is capable of removing all the impurities and pollutants most harmful to health from water. The treated water obtained is the ideal alternative solution for food use, since its nanofiltration system forms a safety barrier against the various pollutants of the tap water.

" The patented system used by MyWater retains essential minerals such as a little calcium, magnesium and potassium. "

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