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My Water


My water has selected this reverse osmosis system made in Italy. It is easily placed under the kitchen sink, it keeps the essential minerals, it is ideal for a family of 2 to + 6 people.

100 LT/hour – No tank – Small footprint – Quiet – Low mineralized water at 20 – 50 mg/L.

Our system rejects 45% of the water produced.

Dimentions : 44 cm / 44 cm / 10 cm.

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Free trial

Nothing better than a trial to see the benefits of My Water
( no contractual obligations )

It is by trying the taste and quality of your water that you can make up your mind about this offer at less than 1,10 € / day.

We come and install at your place with no installation fees and no contractual obligations during the trial. Give it a try! You’ll see 😀


Supreme Osmosis

Intelligent control

The kitchen hero !

The INVERSE OSMOSE is therefore the safest and most widespread water purification system in the world; the advantages, besides the basic reliability of the process, are represented by the simplicity of assembly, the very low operating cost and the total absence of chemical products.

MY Water is capable of removing all the most harmful impurities and pollutants from water. L’eau traitée obtenue représente la solution idéale our l’usage domestique et alimentaire vu que son système de nanofiltration forme une barrière de sécurité contre les différents polluants des nappes phréatiques.

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